Erehwon Retreat’s REFRESH program

Erehwon Retreat’s REFRESH program

Set in the heart of Tampa’s Old Seminole Heights, ErehwonRetreat remains the epitome of timeless elegance, and consistently earns 5 Star stay from it’s guests.

ErehwonRetreat is proud to have preserved both the physical and spiritual aspects of its unique heritage while adding modern flourishes, all bound together by our commitment to service.

Thanks to Facebook, Pinterest, guest can witness not only the special qualities of staying at a vacation rental, but also read of the lengths Henry and his staff go to keep guests happy.

To that end each May and December Henry spends a night in both the cottage and the bungalow.  In May the properties receive planned maintenance review and each fall Henry stay encompass what may need to be “Refreshed”.  For example in early December, I had six dining room chairs crowned with new foam and recovered in leather, the reading chair in the cottage was reupholstered, the deck furniture was sent off to be sandblasted, primed, powder and clear coated and after six years of service we replaced the box spring and mattress in the cottage.  Finally we replaced deck boards where needed and added a hand rail between the deck and the path to our off street parking and to enhance the awareness of our 90 year old  canopy we added passive lighting and new low voltage path lighting.  Check out pictures of the latest REFRESH.

Whenever a room is “REFRESHED” before it is put back into rental availability I spend a night in the property to ensure that everything is as it should be.  I examine it from every angle to check nothing unsightly is visible. It is not acceptable for a guest to sit down on a chair only to be able to see a nest of untidy cables. The slightest of scuff marks on a skirting board requires attention the next morning.

ErehwonRetreat has two housekeepers who have been with us since we opened,  but I maintain an emergency team of electricians, plumbers, carpenters and painters all of whom are highly-trained, and each has worked on Erehwon on and off for a decade.

Every third day, our vacation rentals continue to be vacuumed and towels refreshed and annually replaced.  There are countless panes of glass and mirrors that have to be cleaned regularly, with some requiring attention every week.

One guest comes to stay so often that we now store their possessions.

The employees see their jobs as being beyond hospitality, they know given my theatrical career I see Erehwon as ‘a stage, a theater of the roaring twenties.’ My role is to make a history a reality. ‘Memories of one’s childhood, Grandparents, a stronger family for having survived the Depression, are being fulfilled at Erehwon.  My constant focus is that Erehwon means more than just sleeping.”