Erehwon Retreat Launches Salute to Nature Artists

Erehwon Retreat Launches Salute to Nature Artists


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Millions of visitors every year seek out Florida Vacation Rentals for the sun, the theme parks, and the relaxing lifestyle. But Florida offers a rich palette of experiences that aren’t covered in the usual guidebooks or TripAdvisor. At Erehwon Retreat, we always offer recommendations that move guests to the less well traveled roads and adventures. To advance this even further, we are adding a new tab to which will give visitors additional opportunity to see our region through the eyes of exceptional artists and craftsmen who reside in the Central Florida area, and to give guests to Erehwon Retreat the opportunity to discover the glorious secrets of this region.

Poisonous frogs feast on insects that don’t even have names. Tropical lizards disappear into the cracks of trees whose branches spread out as wide as their trunks climb high. This is the real Florida, as it was before people, and probably will be after us, too.Nancy Pickard, author

Few artists capture the beauty and variety of Florida’s environment better than Peter Brannon. Peter lives in Seminole Heights. I discovered his work when reading of him winning the coveted Audubon Photography Award in 2015. His work draws upon the landscape of Florida which combines a varied ecosystem with migrating birds, native wildlife and plants and a year-round fruitfulness to create unmatchable opportunities to observe bird behavior. As he says himself, “…I photograph birds. There is something relaxing to the spirit in photographing them. Their variety can ensure that the love of the pursuit never ebbs, and the connection in the natural world that occurs can calm and center the mind.”

Peter Brannon’s work combines pinpoint sharpness with an understanding of the natural world that allows him to capture bird behavior, not just birds. It is this ability to recognize the relationship between the subject and its surroundings which give his photographs such resonance – they reveal the harmony of nature in a profound fashion.

Homes for rent in Florida allow visitors to discover the natural world that Peter Brannon’s photographs encapsulate so perfectly. The more relaxed pace that comes from staying in a vacation rental allows time to absorb the natural world, to enjoy undisturbed time examining the detail of a stunning landscape or, if we’re lucky, to watch a rare and beautiful animal going about its business right in front of us.

As far back as the 1890s, people were moving to Florida to make their dreams come true. Rock Scott, Florida Governor

Some places seem to have a knack for concentrating migrating birds in larger than normal numbers. These “migrant traps” often become well known as birding hotspots. This is typically the result of local weather conditions, an abundance of food, or the local topography. While Florida may literally be a dream come true for birders, and the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail offers 2,000 miles of opportunity to spot rare species, we can easily make recommendations within a 40-mile radius of Tampa. The stunning diversity and power of the Florida landscape cannot be better captured than in Peter Brannon’s work – a permanent memorial to the glorious secrets of Florida that go unseen by the majority of visitors.

Visit Tampa and discover more about the lives of birds. Many of our guests tell us that the thing they remember best was developing some birding skills and how when they returned home, they now think about making their neck of the woods a better place for wildlife.