Our guests or our marketing department?

Our guests or our marketing department?

One of the many delights of conceiving and running Erehwon Retreat has been hearing and reading the lovely things our guests have said about their experiences here. Some validate our attention to detail:

Overall, staying in the cottage—with the memory foam top bed, surrounded by beautiful gardens featuring native plants, and provided with everything I could ever need—was the ultimate renewing and relaxing experience!

While others are downright poetic:

I expected this place to suit me perfectly and it does. Erehwon is a magical place. It is a homey place. It is a little miniature house. It is a safe place, a quiet place, and a place where a person can rest, relax, recharge or simply be based and race about from knowing that upon return Erehwon awaits. It is a refuge from the chaos. It is an oasis amidst the madness.

You can read more guest reviews on both VRBO and HomeAway.


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