Old Seminole Heights Home Tour

Old Seminole Heights Home Tour

Each year, our locale opens some of its distinguished homes to the public, typically attracting over 1,500 visitors.  The Old Seminole Heights Home Tour is deservedly popular and well attended.  Because our residential district was designated a Local Historic District, it’s a rare opportunity to visit some of the loveliest local houses.

What makes Old Seminole Heights special?

There are so many reasons to enjoy our district. Just one example, in 2003, Southeast Seminole Heights was named Best Neighborhood in America by Neighborhoods, USA. Similarly, in 2009, This Old House magazine considered Seminole Heights one of the best places to buy and renovate. Erehwon Retreat itself is a perfect example of 1920s architecture, lovingly restored to its original condition but full of modern conveniences and charms.

Old Seminole Heights Home Tour Erehwon Retreat

The Garden Center epitomises the elegant design and tasteful renovations common around Erehwon Retreat. With mellow brick and mature planting, it naturally makes a great centrepiece to our local gardens.

But we have plenty of quirky and modern elements too – so look out for the mosaic two-headed crocodile statue. Based on a Tampa folktale recorded in the 1930s by Perez and Lopez it commemorates a local fable. One day a rabbit taunts a crocodile by dropping a rock on the croc’s head, believing it is fast enough to escape. It doesn’t end well for Rabbit, because this crocodile turns out to have a second head. Our handsome statue might have recently enjoyed a rabbit dinner.

Out of the blue, in 2014, a local naturalist sends a picture of a two-headed croc to the local papers, so maybe the story isn’t a fable after all?