Grateful for all we’ve shared with you

Grateful for all we’ve shared with you

Some of my fondest memories since opening in 2010 have been the sharing in your celebrations:

  • weddings
  • anniversaries
  • birthdays
  • spring training home team wining streak
  • acceptance to University of Tampa or University of South Florida
  • doctoral dissertation defense
  • the out-of-town job interview followed by an offer
  • the anticipation of your upcoming cruise
  • the arrival of your adult children

Or, aside from these milestones, the simple sounds of happiness and laughter as guests stroll through our native plant garden.

But our most precious memory is having the opportunity and privilege to meet wonderful people from around the world. When you celebrate whether with an intimate gathering of your closest friends, family or just the two of you, when the clock strikes midnight each New Year’s Eve in Tampa, we pause and raise our champagne flutes to you.

May All Your Florida Dreams and Wishes Come True.


For almost 45 years, Henry served in Fundraising and Arts Management positions and ran his own consulting firm. His work secondary schools; healthcare organizations; and service organizations, with a specialization in the performing arts, including ballet and theater companies, chamber orchestras, choirs, and performing arts centers. In 2009 he began to prepare for retirement. Following a career involved with the management of many special events and working with senior civic and corporate leadership, his experience in the managing of multiple relationships made entering the hospitality industry a natural extension of his career.