Florida Vacations – Start yours at Tampa International Airport

Florida vacations – start yours at Tampa International Airport

If you think all airports are the same, think again!

Tampa International Airport (TIA) was voted one of the top five layover airports in the world by HuffPost, for:

  •  its simple hub and spoke design,
  • pay per use lounges,
  • free Wi-Fi,
  • 24-hour food options,
  • friendly staff.

But these aren’t the only reasons a Florida vacation beginning at TIA starts well, the airport is also committed to providing a great experience for all travelers, today and into the future.


Tampa International Airport – the future of vacation travel

Located at 4100 George J Bean Pkwy, Tampa, FL 33607, USA, this vast airport site plans ahead. In 2011, the airport team updated its master plan thereby designing a bright future. Three phases of expansion will accommodate a further 17 million passengers annually, resulting in a total vacation rental and holiday trade of over 35 million.

TIA chose a ‘build as required’ approach, offering minimum disruption to passengers balanced by the meeting the needs of future generations. Example – TIA is creating a 2.6 million square foot car rental center by the entrance, in essence, right alongside new airport parking.


Historic Tampa from the air

In 1928 Tampa City built Drew Field, six miles west of downtown Tampa. From 1938 it was a military airfield, training 120,000 combat air crews. Locally-based antisubmarine patrols flew from the field until that duty transferred to the US Navy and Coastguard. Regularly seen aircraft included the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, Douglas C-47 Skytrain, North American AT-6 and North American B-25 Mitchell. After the war, as a result, Tampa became a popular destination for international travelers.


Traveling through Tampa International Airport site.

TIA’s wheel and spoke shaped layout make it easy to navigate, regardless of jet-lag. It recently received the Storm Ready designation, meeting an extensive list of criteria set by the U.S. National Weather Service (NWS). This means the airport is ready to respond quickly to any severe weather heading our way.

Just six miles from downtown Tampa, this international airport has one other great benefit for long-haul passengers, namely it’s close to the city center and onward travel to vacation rentals like ErehwonRetreat.

What else makes TIA special? Five stars for cleanliness, and four stars for seating and queuing times on Kytra show Tampa is friendly, clean and swift to navigate airport.


Florida vacations begin here

A record-breaking 60.7 million tourists visited Florida in the first half of 2017, making a 4.1% increase over the same six months of 2016. That’s 53.2 million domestic visitors, plus 2.2 million Canadians and 5.3 million other international vacationers.

Moreover, TIA parking just got easier too … alongside the new parking center, three rideshare companies can now pick up fares: Uber, Lyft and Wingz. This reduces congestion plus giving visitors more choice of travel options. In conclusion, whether you’re flying domestically, or traveling long-haul , there’s no better way to start your Florida break than at Tampa International Airport.