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Finding “your” ideal Florida vacation and rental can be endless. As a property owner,  I spend a lot of  time ensuring that visitors to know exactly what to expect from their Tampa vacation home and area.

Prior to the Lock-down,  I posted more than 877 pics with commentary on a range of locations, habitats, fauna and restaurants you may want to visit while visiting.

The problem is that it can be difficult to tell how long ago photographs of holiday homes were taken. Some proprietors on Airbnb or Vrbo haven’t updated the pictures of their vacation home in years.  Which makes one wonder about wear and tear can really date a property and its furnishings.

Erehwon Retreat has a rolling ‘refresh’ program to ensure that every aspect of the property looks bandbox fresh.  So we show exactly what Erehwon Retreat and the environs look like year round.

But that’s not the whole story. I’m keen to let visitors know exactly how to make the most of their Florida vacation rental, whether its fine dining, concerts, hikes, best beaches, biking  or chilling in coffee houses.

Finding homes for rent in Florida

So what are the top tips for finding the perfect vacation rental?

1. Be sure what you’re looking for

Knowing whether you want a relaxing break or a vacation filled with experiences or a simply a change of locale for a remote work  vacation will insure you pick the right location for your trip.

Consider the preferences of all the members of your party – is there plenty of activity for the kids, will teenagers find enough to amuse them, do all the adults in the party have something special to look forward to at this venue?

2. Know your vacation rental terminology

Do you know the difference between sea view and waterfront or Seminole Heights vs Old Seminole Heights? It’s important because a sea view simply means that the ocean can be observed from at least one window, while a waterfront location means nothing between you and the beach or the Intra Coastal Waterway.  Misleading and dated photos are a real issue. That’s one reason I’m happy about Instagram, over time it will give guests a just in time sense of Erehwon Retreat and its environs.

3. Visit several sites

Everybody knows AirBnB, but sites like and Vrbo offer a wider range of possibilities. Don’t forget that it can be advantageous to book direct with a proprietor via their own website once you’re certain that you really understand and appreciate the property and its surroundings.