Baseball in Florida – The Grapefruit League

Baseball in Florida – The 2021 Grapefruit League

Grapefruit League

Erehwon Retreat a vacation rental in Seminole Heights is well placed for visitors to enjoy a quintessential American activity – baseball. Spring training in Florida has been a tradition since 1913. That’s when the Chicago Cubs came to Tampa and the Cleveland Indians to Pensacola. The following year two more teams came to Florida for spring training. This was the origin of the Grapefruit League. It continued until 2009, hosting more than half the spring training teams. The only difficulty occurred in World War II, when travel restrictions prevented teams training south of the Potomac and Ohio rivers.

Since 2010, the thirty major league teams have been equally divided between Arizona and Florida for spring training. This year Toronto Blue Jays play in Dunedin, the Philadelphia Phillies in Clearwater and the New York Yankees in Tampa. Every home games is within half an hour’s drive of Erehwon.  With the Baltimore Orioles doing their winter training in Sarasota and the Detroit Tigers in Lakeland, each less than an hour’s drive away, there’s a host of quality baseball on our doorstep.

The Baltimore Orioles migrate to Sarasota

The long history of the Baltimore Orioles began with a name change.  In 1953 the St Louis Browns moved to Baltimore and changed their name …. It was from that year they went from strength to strength. Today their winter training ground in Sarasota gives Florida vacation rental visitors the chance to experience top quality baseball.

Detroit Tigers travel to Lakeland

In a similar vein, the even more veteran Detroit Tigers have a winter training ground in Lakeland. Since 1894 when the Tigers were a charter member of the reorganized Western League, their changing fortunes have brought both joy and despair to their followers. Their amazing history dates back to when  star players traveled to baseball grounds in horse-drawn buggies! But for those looking for homes for rent in Florida, the Tigers present a fantastic opportunity to see baseball in the sun today.

The Grapefruit League 2020

This year’s Grapefruit League matches begin on February 21,2020s. Pitchers and catchers arrive at the NY Yankees February 12 and position players on the 17th. This year, the Nationals and the Astros both train in West Palm Beach. Watching baseball in Florida is amazing: endless sunshine, easy travel between baseball grounds. There’s none of the stress of fighting to get into packed grounds. Also, you don’t have to deal with the congested roads around stadiums in the Northern states. Instead it’s an easy-going experience of sport in the sun. As the league timetable shows, there’s no end of excitement to be had!

Florida villa rentals – the joy of year-round sport

For golfers in particular, Florida is a center of excellence renowned throughout the world.  Baseball is a winter joy for those hunting down the perfect Tampa homes for rent. Whether you’re a fan of a particular team, or just enjoy watching baseball at its best, Florida’s outstanding. And the state’s wonderful food shops and eateries are perfect for enjoying a picnic.  Or maybe opt for a tailgate meal that will delight every member of your vacation party – whether they are baseball fanatics or not.

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