Scooters Rentals Tampa – and bike hire too

Scooter rentals in Tampa are easy, actually we have three different motorized scooter options to cruise around downtown:

Bird |1 (866) 205-2442

Lime 1 (888)-LIME-345

Spin 1 (888) 249-9698

They’re part of a pilot program to offer low-cost transportation and reduce traffic downtown. While I don’t want to play favourites,  at Erehwon Retreat we recommend Lime because they have the most Florida towns covered. Lime is available in:

  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Miami
  • Key Biscayne
  • Miami Lakes
  • North Bay Village
  • Miami Shores
  • North Miami
  • Miami Springs.

Once you find your scooter of choice, you can scan the QR code through the Uber app to unlock it. Finding a Lime scooter is simple: open the Uber or Lime app, and tap Ride at the top of your screen. Then select Bike & Scooter (Uber app only). In both cases, you’ll automatically be taken to a screen showing all available scooters near you.

Scooter rentals in Tampa – the practicalities

If you’re sixteen or over, with a valid drivers license, you’re all set.  Just kick off the ground three times to get the scooter going. With a top speed of  up to 15 mph, they are great for sightseeing. The brake on the left handlebar slows you down, or use the rear brake for a quicker stop.

The app shows riders how charged the scooter is and how far it can travel before recharging. On average, they cover 15 to 20 miles on a single charge.

The current boundaries are:

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. on the North
Davis and Harbor Islands on the South
Armenia Avenue on the West
40th Street on the East.

Scooters aren’t allowed in the following locations:

  • Tampa Riverwalk
  • Bayshore Boulevard
  • 7th Avenue.

While it’s easy to lock the scooter so others cannot ride it, remember you’re being charged by the minute and continue to be charged. Florida is pretty flat, but remember not to ride your scooter down steep hills, because high speeds can overpower the electric brake. Always use the rear foot brake to control speed, and get off and walk down hills.

Prefer pedal power? No problem,  for bike rentals there is – Coast – available in Miami, Orlando, St Petersburg and Tampa.

Henry Young, Jr.

For almost 45 years, Henry served in Fundraising and Arts Management positions and ran his own consulting firm. His work secondary schools; healthcare organizations; and service organizations, with a specialization in the performing arts, including ballet and theater companies, chamber orchestras, choirs, and performing arts centers. In 2009 he began to prepare for retirement. Following a career involved with the management of many special events and working with senior civic and corporate leadership, his experience in the managing of multiple relationships made entering the hospitality industry a natural extension of his career.