Cleaning/Disinfection Policy

For a decade, Erehwon Retreat Cleaning procedure includes the property owner’s inspection and disinfection following housekeeping completion.  Our disinfection includes  all door handles and cabinet knobs, light switches, light and fan pull chains, remotes, charging station, bathroom and kitchen faucets, refrigerator & coffee/tea pot handles, oven, microwave, stove top knobs, Iron, Hairdryer, washing machine and dryer handles,  toilet and flat surfaces with every change over cleaning. All Housekeepers and Repairmen are issued Nitrile Exam Gloves whenever they enter our properties to keep everyone safe. This is but one of our policies that make Erehwon Retreat a Premiere Tampa Vacation Property.

COVID19 UPDATE 1/14/2020 INVENTORY CHANGE  We pulled ahead our annual April replacement of all bath and bed linen on January 12, 2020.  In this annual refresh we changed the bed linens from ivory to white in order to add bleach to our plant based detergent.  We also added hand sanitizer to our amenities list and added a Face Mask requirement for Housekeeping and Repairmen entering the property. Following each turnover we have added a bleach cycle at the completion of laundry.


As we navigate the temporary uncertainty of COVID-19, we recommend that if you are arriving by air or train that you bring disinfectant wipes sufficient for your overhead cabin storage handles, arm rests, drop down tables, air vent, light switch and finally the window shade handle. And don’t forget with car rentals, wipe the steering wheel, gear shift, touch screen, door handles.  And during your visit shopping cart handles, ATM keypads, and when fueling, wipe the  fuel pump handle and credit card key pad.  We will supply you wipes for your return trip home.

COVID19 UPDATE 3/28/2020


We have made a change to the number of empty nights between each turnover.  Our policy has been 24 hours between each check in.  Thru May 9,  we have expanded dark nights to 72 hours.  Upon receipt of our room Ozone Generator (10,000mg/hr O3 Ionizer & UV Light Smartphone (IPhone/Android) and Face Mask Sanitizer equipment we will reduce to 56 hours.   We await Gov. DeSantis decision to rescind or modify the order. When the time is right and your family is ready to travel again, we’ll be here to provide you with a space to reconnect with loved ones.