Public Health Amenity Added

“I’m just breezin’ along with the breeze,
Trailin’ the rails, roamin’ the seas.”

How perceptions about travel have changed since this 1926 hit Breezin’ Along With The Breeze. Bing Crosby recorded an arrangement in 1954, Sue Raney in 2004 and it was the Theme song for Fred Waring back when travel was easy and carefree.

Our New Normal

As it turns out, just two behavioral changes—frequent hand-washing and wearing masks—is enough to drastically reduce the possibility of catching COVID-19. It certainly doesn’t eliminate the risks, but it takes it down from very high, to quite low. A global study published earlier this month in medical journal The Lancet, confirmed that “face mask use could result in a large reduction in risk of infection.”  When everyone is wearing masks, the possibility of catching COVID-19 may be reduced by 85% or more

I am pleased to announce we added new Amenities. We just received these adult and children sized face masks (which include a pocket for the addition of a coffee filter) from This is the first of three orders of washable hand-crafted facial masks for guests use during future stays at Erehwon Retreat. We’ve also added Hand Sanitizing Gel, and disinfectant wipes for Guest use.   Presently we are hosting 28 night stays only with a minimum 56 hours between each check out/check in.   We plan to test shorter stays by January 2021.  A sustained pandemic is not inevitable if businesses implement intelligent physical distancing and keep public health and safety first!

Public Health Amenity Added Erehwon Retreat Public Health Amenity Added Erehwon Retreat Public Health Amenity Added Erehwon Retreat Public Health Amenity Added Erehwon Retreat

Henry Young, Jr.

For almost 45 years, Henry served in Fundraising and Arts Management positions and ran his own consulting firm. His work secondary schools; healthcare organizations; and service organizations, with a specialization in the performing arts, including ballet and theater companies, chamber orchestras, choirs, and performing arts centers. In 2009 he began to prepare for retirement. Following a career involved with the management of many special events and working with senior civic and corporate leadership, his experience in the managing of multiple relationships made entering the hospitality industry a natural extension of his career.