The Florida stone crab season opens today. which means fresh claws will soon show up on dinner tables and specialty fish markets.

This crab looks like pop eye, with pumped up, beefy claws folded out in front of its body. The Florida delicacy can cost two times the price of Alaskan snow crab legs. About 2 million pounds of sweet crab meat was harvested last year fueled a $31 million industry.

I love JB’s Seafood in Gulfport, FL.  You can order online. Stone Crab season ends May 1.

Henry Young Jr

Following service in the US Navy (USS Samuel B Roberts DD823, USS Detroit AOE 4), Henry pursued a management and fundraising career in the performing arts. His posts includd The Guthrie Theatre, The New York City Center Joffrey Ballet, the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), Cincinnati Ballet Company and DanceAspen. For more than twenty years he continued to serve in capacities of management and fundraising consultant until retirement in 2015. He’s been a sailor since first turning a teenager. Armed with his Naval service as a navigator, he and his family spent 1992 sailing all of the Great Lakes, the Oswego & Erie Canals, Hudson River, Long Island Sound, Atlantic Seaboard and Bahamian waters following portions of the log of Columbus 1st cruise to the New World.