Thousands Booking Ukraine Airbnb’s

Very proud of our partner Airbnb.
Airbnb hosts in Ukraine are being flooded with bookings from people all over the world who have no plans to visit. It’s part of a creative social media campaign to funnel money to besieged Ukrainians who need financial assistance as Russian forces bombard their country and cut off services. 
The initiative, which gained popularity via social media, boasted $1.9 million in its first 48 hours, according to Airbnb. In 48 hours, 61,406 nights have been booked in Ukraine. Airbnb has waived all guest and host fees for Ukraine.

“It’s very important to know now that there is support,” “We have some kind of horror.”

Another called it a “hard and terrible time in Ukraine.”

“This is what our family needs right now,” another Ukrainian wrote.

Ukrainians said they were brought to tears by the donations, and many said they would use the money to house refugees.