Leaving Winter Behind | EAT BEACH SLEEP Sale

Erehwon Retreat: leaving winter behind


Leaving Winter Behind | EAT BEACH SLEEP Sale Florida Vacation Homes


Winter can be exhausting for everyone – whether you’ve had to shovel snow or just cope with the unrelenting low-level misery of gray skies, gray sidewalks and grouchy colleagues.  Florida in spring offers a fantastic opportunity to recharge your batteries, reinvigorate your body and boost your Vitamin D. That’s why I like to give guests the chance to experience Florida at its best. Traditionally I’ve run a Pi day sale on 3.14 but this year I’ve listened to comments from our mailing list and have decided to make it a whole week’s opportunity to get a wonderful holiday at an unmatchable price.


Eat, beach, sleep repeat … at a bargain price


So, from March 11-17 I’m offering 15% off any week’s stay booked for the period 6 April to 15 June with No Service Fees EVER. This off-season special offer gives you the perfect chance to explore Florida in its spring glory. This season has to be one of the most spectacular in wildlife terms: sea turtles begin nesting, baby brown bunting and white ibis can be seen in their nests and, by mid-June summer tourism is in full swing.  To see how Central Florida changes, just follow the Erehwon Retreat Instagram feed, where I share day by day pictures from the retreat and my own adventures from testing new restaurants to trying a new hike, art exhibit or bird watching at peak migration.

It’s a popular getaway time, so if you really want peace and quiet for your beach hours, I recommend visiting Anna Maria Island in the Gulf of Mexico, Fort Desoto and Honeymoon Island, which are a comfortable half hour drive away once the baseball spring training ends.

For those who are happy to mess it up on holiday, Fort Myers and Panama City Beaches are generally invaded by college students on spring break – expect loud, boozy, happy parties and lots of young people behaving the way kids tend to do in every spring break movie you ever saw!


Spring break in Florida – the Erehwon Retreat perspective


There’s a whole range of activities on offer in Tampa, from birdwatching through to visiting Big Cat Rescue. You can try fishing off the pier, a classic Florida hobby, hunting for shells, which can be found on our beaches in abundance as well as kayaking and paddle-boarding.

For those who prefer dry land, there’s the Tampa Riverwalk which offers a range of experiences from excellent eateries in cute little stalls to floodlit bridges in all colors during the evening. And if you love fine dining, Tampa and St Petersburg both offer a fantastic array of new foodie experiences to delight any palate.

So from wildlife to watersports, from fine dining to Florida sunshine, this period of the year gives visitors what they really need – the chance to eat, beach, sleep and repeat, at a price that is as delicious as our local cuisine. If you’re ready to recharge your batteries, get in touch today – remember, when you book direct there are no service fees so your spring break bargain is doubly beneficial. 

Erehwon Retreat Instagram

Erehwon Retreat Instagram


Erehwon Retreat Instagram Florida Vacation Homes


Finding your ideal Florida vacation rental can seem like a big task, which is why I spend much of my time ensuring that actual and potential visitors to Erehwon Retreat know exactly what to expect from their Tampa vacation.

The problem is that it can be difficult to tell how long ago photographs of houses for rent in Tampa FL were taken. Some proprietors who offer their property on airbnb Tampa haven’t updated the pictures of their vacation home in five years much less dry cleaned draperies every six months. And several years of wear and tear can really date a property and its furnishings.

Erehwon Retreat has a rolling ‘refresh’ program to ensure that every aspect of the property looks bandbox fresh, but in addition I have begun to post every day on Instagram to show exactly what Erehwon Retreat and the environs look like all year round and to introduce vacationers to all that is best in Tampa Bay To make it even easier for potential renters to discover the reality of staying Erehwon Retreat, each daily image is automatically cross-posted to the landing page of my website, ensuring that our Tampa homes for rent are always in the spotlight!

But that’s not the whole story. I’m keen to let visitors know exactly how to make the most of their Florida vacation rental, whether its fine dining and concerts, hikes and bird-watching, biking, locating the best fresh water spring or chilling in coffee houses. That’s why the Erehwon Retreat Instagram feed will feature many details of life in the area, from coffee to beaches, from painted buntings to the view from the porch so that by the time guests arrive they already feel right at home.


Finding homes for rent in Florida

So what are the top tips for finding the perfect vacation rental?

1. Be sure what you’re looking for

Knowing whether you want a relaxing break or a vacation filled with experiences can help you pick the right kind of location for your trip. Consider the preferences of all the members of your party – is there plenty of activity for the kids, will teenagers find enough to amuse them, do all the adults in the party have something special to look forward to at this venue?

2. Know your vacation rental terminology

Do you know the difference between sea view and waterfront or Seminole Heights vs Old Seminole Heights? It’s important because a sea view simply means that the ocean can be observed from at least one window of the vacation rental, while a waterfront location means nothing between you and the beach or the Intra Coastal Waterway Misleading and dated photos are a real issue. That’s one reason I’m happy about Instagram, over time it will give people a real sense of Erehwon Retreat and its environs.

3. Visit several sites

Everybody knows AirBnB, but sites like Owners Direct and tripz.com offer a wider range of possibilities. Don’t forget that it can be advantageous to book direct with a proprietor via their own website once you’re certain that you really understand and appreciate the property and its surroundings.

Baseball in Florida – The Grapefruit League

Baseball in Florida – The Grapefruit League


Baseball in Florida - The Grapefruit League Florida Vacation Homes


Erehwon Retreat is well placed for visitors to enjoy a quintessential American activity – baseball. The Toronto Blue Jays will be playing in Dunedin, the Philadelphia Phillies in Clearwater and the New York Yankees in Tampa itself. Every one of these games is within half an hour’s drive of Erehwon and with the Baltimore Orioles doing their winter training in Sarasota and the Detroit Tigers in Lakeland, each within an hour’s drive, there’s no shortage of quality baseball literally on our doorstep.


The Baltimore Orioles migrate to Sarasota

The long history of the Baltimore Orioles began with a name change, when, in 1953 the St Louis Browns moved to Baltimore and changed their name … from that year they went from strength to strength, and today their winter training ground in Sarasota gives many a Florida vacation rental visitor the chance to explore some quality baseball.


Detroit Tigers travel to Lakeland

In a similar vein, the even more veteran Detroit Tigers have a winter training ground in Lakeland. Since 1894 when the Tigers were a charter member of the reorganized Western League, the changing fortune of the Tigers has been a subject of joy and despair for their followers. It’s amazing to consider that this baseball team has been around since the day star players traveled to the baseball ground in horse-drawn buggies! But for those looking for homes for rent in Florida, the Tigers present a fantastic opportunity to see baseball in the sun today.


The Grapefruit League 2018

On February 22 2018, the Grapefruit League begins this year’s matches. Professional and university teams will engage in a series of exciting matches that include the Detroit Tigers opening league play on February 23rd in a show-stopping match against the New York Yankees at George Steinbrenner Field in Tampa. There’s something special about watching baseball in Florida – endless sunshine, easy travel between baseball grounds and none of the stress of fighting to get into the packed grounds and dealing with the congested roads around stadiums in the Northern states. Instead it’s an easy-going experience of sport in the sun, with something for everybody. As the league timetable shows, there’s no end of excitement to be had!


Florida villa rentals – the joy of year-round sport

For golfers in particular, Florida is a center of excellence renowned throughout the world, but baseball is also a winter joy for those hunting down the perfect Tampa homes for rent. Whether you’re a fan of a particular team, or just enjoy watching baseball for the sheer pleasure of sportsmen in action, Florida state is a wonderful opportunity for spectators. Not only that, but with Florida’s wonderful food shops and eateries there’s every opportunity to enjoy a picnic or tailgate meal that will delight every member of your vacation party – whether they are baseball fanatics or not.


View a map of 2018 Grapefruit League Spring Training sites

View Grapefruit League training schedule

From the Start – Commitment to Hospitality

From the Start – Commitment to Hospitality

From the Start - Commitment to Hospitality Florida Vacation HomesWhere does a career in the hospitality industry begin? When most people look for homes for rent in Florida they probably don’t start by looking at the credentials and background of their host, but it might not be a bad place to start. Like many people who retire to Florida to start a new career in,
my background has little to do with my career as a vacation rental proprietor although it has everything to do with the way I approach making sure that Erehwon Retreat guests have a superlative Florida vacation experience.

As a young man in the 1970s, in the field of Arts Management, I was keen to develop both my skills and my experience – Dr. A Clyde Roller, then the Resident Conductor of the Houston Symphony stated that I was by temperament, background and personality, ideally suited to a career that required me to create an immediate good relationship with people. Some five years later, the Governor of the State of New York, Hugh L Carey, wrote to thank me for the hard work I put into the dedication of the Helen Owen Carey Playhouse named in honor of his late wife. Just four years further on, President Jimmy Carter contacted me to express his appreciation for my efforts in putting together a Performance of American Arts to honor Deng Xiaoping the Vice Premier of the People’s Republic of China. I list these accomplishments not to boast, but to make clear that my entire career has been a commitment to ensuring people have first rate experiences whether in the theater, or in my Florida vacation home rentals.

Florida Vacations are all about experiences

From the Start - Commitment to Hospitality Florida Vacation HomesWhat we all seek from a vacation is a wonderful experience – an unforgettable memory for all the right reasons. From seeing “Mickey” to a Snowy White Egret, a commitment to service means that I want my guests to have more than a holiday, I want them to have the kind of experience that
makes their Florida vacation something better than just a break in the sun, turning it into the kind of event that delights on every level. For some guests I suggest going outside when it’s dark and gaze in wonder at the firmament of stars, planets, the moon and make a day trip to Cape
Canaveral. Others want to see the birds during Migration. I am remembering a guest who asked for special birding suggestions while telling me Pakistan has over 786 native species of birds.

Unforgettable moments are built up out of an understanding of the hospitality industry and a recognition of what moves a vacation from ‘a trip to the sun’ to ‘an unforgettable trip’. It’s the difference between setting up a vacation rental to help pay your mortgage and establishing a vacation rental to delight visitors and support the local community. As an example, our most recent review on Home Away explains the philosophy that underpins
everything we do:

Review #20506705 “Erehwon Retreat designer delight – Bandbox Fresh” 5 out of 5 stars

Super clean. Great amenities. Close to everything. Fabulous!

“Our host was exemplary – super knowledgeable about the area, great recommendations for dining and things to do. We were also property hunting and he gave us great insights into the area. Would highly recommend and return in a heartbeat!!”

Florida vacation rentals by owner can be mediocre or magnificent. I spent my entire career in Arts Management ensuring that people were enthralled by the performance or experience they had
invested in. I use every aspect of those skills and training to offer suggestions. From the everglades, coral reefs, clear springs, magnificent forests, special dining and turn of the century history, I take immense pride in succeeding in exceeding every guest’s expectations.

Erehwon Retreat Launches Salute to Nature Artists

Erehwon Retreat Launches Salute to Nature Artists


Erehwon Retreat Launches Salute to Nature Artists Florida Vacation Homes

Erehwon Retreat Launches Salute to Nature Artists Florida Vacation Homes

Millions of visitors every year seek out Florida Vacation Rentals for the sun, the theme parks, and the relaxing lifestyle. But Florida offers a rich palette of experiences that aren’t covered in the usual guidebooks or TripAdvisor. At Erehwon Retreat, we always offer recommendations that move guests to the less well traveled roads and adventures. To advance this even further, we are adding a new tab to ErehwonRetreat.com which will give visitors additional opportunity to see our region through the eyes of exceptional artists and craftsmen who reside in the Central Florida area, and to give guests to Erehwon Retreat the opportunity to discover the glorious secrets of this region.

Poisonous frogs feast on insects that don’t even have names. Tropical lizards disappear into the cracks of trees whose branches spread out as wide as their trunks climb high. This is the real Florida, as it was before people, and probably will be after us, too.Nancy Pickard, author

Erehwon Retreat Launches Salute to Nature Artists Florida Vacation HomesFew artists capture the beauty and variety of Florida’s environment better than Peter Brannon. Peter lives in Seminole Heights. I discovered his work when reading of him winning the coveted Audubon Photography Award in 2015. His work draws upon the landscape of Florida which combines a varied ecosystem with migrating birds, native wildlife and plants and a year-round fruitfulness to create unmatchable opportunities to observe bird behavior. As he says himself, “…I photograph birds. There is something relaxing to the spirit in photographing them. Their variety can ensure that the love of the pursuit never ebbs, and the connection in the natural world that occurs can calm and center the mind.”

Peter Brannon’s work combines pinpoint sharpness with an understanding of the natural world that allows him to capture bird behavior, not just birds. It is this ability to recognize the relationship between the subject and its surroundings which give his photographs such resonance – they reveal the harmony of nature in a profound fashion.

Homes for rent in Florida allow visitors to discover the natural world that Peter Brannon’s photographs encapsulate so perfectly. The more relaxed pace that comes from staying in a vacation rental allows time to absorb the natural world, to enjoy undisturbed time examining the detail of a stunning landscape or, if we’re lucky, to watch a rare and beautiful animal going about its business right in front of us.

As far back as the 1890s, people were moving to Florida to make their dreams come true. Rock Scott, Florida Governor

Some places seem to have a knack for concentrating migrating birds in larger than normal numbers. These “migrant traps” often become well known as birding hotspots. This is typically the result of local weather conditions, an abundance of food, or the local topography. While Florida may literally be a dream come true for birders, and the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail offers 2,000 miles of opportunity to spot rare species, we can easily make recommendations within a 40-mile radius of Tampa. The stunning diversity and power of the Florida landscape cannot be better captured than in Peter Brannon’s work – a permanent memorial to the glorious secrets of Florida that go unseen by the majority of visitors.

Visit Tampa and discover more about the lives of birds. Many of our guests tell us that the thing they remember best was developing some birding skills and how when they returned home, they now think about making their neck of the woods a better place for wildlife.