Dressing for our Climate & Location

Dressing for our Climate

While the purpose of your trip will dictate business, casual, or formal attire, the following tips are presented about the Tampa Bay area in general:

  • Tampa style tends to be casual, in general. For example, unless you are going to the one of the best restaurants, most do not require men to wear a jacket.
  • Summers can be warm and humid, so dress for comfort.
  • Winters are one of our favorite times here. We generally have sun most days of the winter, with temperatures between 48°F (8°C) at night and 60°F (16°C) during the day—in the shade, as it is warmer still in the sun! You can have breakfast and lunch most days outside on our 16’x16′ deck in your short sleeves.
  • Many of the streets in Old Seminole Heights are brick, and, for the past 80 years, they’ve had the potential to twist ankles! So, consider opting for practical shoes.
  • It can rain like buckets without warning, including most late afternoons, so we have put an umbrella in the closet for your convenience.