Tampa Vacation Homes – Erehwon Retreat

Erehwon Retreat Tampa Vacation Home

Erehwon Retreat Tampa vacation homes are centrally located with easy on/off Interstate access.  We’re just 3 miles from Downtown. We have provided this map for the most frequently asked question.  “How far are you from …?”

People want to know how close we are to  Tampa Convention Center or the  University of Tampa. They inquire about Tampa General Hospital and the Tampa Convention Center. Above all other favorite destinations are the Amelia Arena, Tampa Cruise Terminal 2, and Tampa International Airport. Of course everybody wants to know the best route to  Tampa Zoo at Lowry Park.  So you can use the map below to find specific distances to your favorite attractions. And rest assured, we’re fully equipped with all the maps, brochures and destination information you could ever require.


We hope you find this map useful. However, we know there’s no substitute for local knowledge so your proprietor is always on hand to help you plan the best route from A to B or introduce you to some hidden gem near your Tampa vacation home.

Of course, one of the greatest advantages of a Tampa vacation home is the great local infrastructure, so you don’t just need to think about Interstates. From water taxis to street cars, Florida has an amazing range of transport options so you don’t have to drive to have fun. You also don’t need to go far from home, because Tampa is full of exciting venues and great food options right on your doorstep.